British Napoleonic Uniforms

Author(s) : FRANKLIN Carl E.
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From the publishers:
In British Napoleonic Uniforms, Carl Franklin's lavishly illustrated third volume for The History Press, these changes to the uniforms of all the numbered regiments of cavalry and infantry are discussed in detail. It is illustrated with more than two hundred full-colour plates of the uniforms and every aspect of their regimental distinctions. The book is divided into four parts. Part One considers the uniforms of the Heavy and Light cavalry regiments. It includes full-page colour illustrations of the Household Cavalry, the Heavy Cavalry (Dragoon Guards and Dragoons) and Light Cavalry (the Light Dragoons and Hussars). Part Two looks at the commonalities of the cavalry and considers uniforms appropriate to each regiment, such as headwear, the evolution of the uniforms and horse furniture. Part Three discusses the uniforms and distinctions of the infantry, including the regiments of Foot Guards and Infantry of the Line (Fusiliers, Light Infantry, Riflemen and Highland Regiments). Part Four shows the commonalties of the infantry and considers the uniform appropriate to each regiment, such as those of the Drummers and Highland Regiments, as well as their tartans.

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The History Press
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