Chasseur Barres – The experiences of a French Infantryman of the Imperial Guard at Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Friedland, in the Peninsular, Lutzen, … and Hanau during the Napoleonic Wars.

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From the publishers:

Chasseur Barres is a classic memoir of a French soldier of Napoleon's Imperial Guard. Barres enlists in the 'skirmishers' of the Guard and dons the distinctive (and often despised) bearskin of his corps. From that point he embarks on a life of perpetual hard soldiering which takes him to most of the campaign theatres and many of the battlefields of the Napoleonic Age in the company of his Emperor. Barres' first hand accounts of the battlefield, campaigning, Napoleon and the principal characters of the age make riveting reading. Those devoted to the history of these dynamic times will find much to interest and satisfy within the pages of this book.

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