Clisson and Eugénie: A Love Story

Author(s) : BARTHET Emilie, HICKS Peter, NAPOLEON I
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From the publishers:
Triumphant on the field of battle, Clisson turns his back on worldly success. He falls in love and marries Eugénie, but how long will their passion survive?

The tragic tale of Clisson and Eugénie reveals one of history’s great leaders as an accomplished writer of fiction. Completed when he was only 26, the story contains parallels with Napoleon’s own experiences and offers a fascinating insight into the young man’s view of love, women and military life.

Peter Hicks and Emilie Barthet have created the definitive version of Clisson and Eugénie from original fragments of manuscript. This edition includes their notes and commentary on Napoleon the writer, and an introduction by Napoleonic specialist, Armand Cabasson, on the man behind the legend.

Click here for an interview with Peter Hicks in which he discusses the project, Napoleon’s literary pretensions and his appreciation of Rousseau’s work.

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London: Gallic Books
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