De l’empereur au roi. Correspondance d’Eugène de Roussy (1806-1830) (in French)

Author(s) : DE LOTH Chantal, HOUDECEK François
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From the publishers:
This publication gathers together 159 previously-unseen personal letters covering the period 1806 to 1830 to trace the career of Eugène de Roussy. A young nobleman from the mountainous Cévennes area in France, de Roussy took part in many of the major campaigns of the First Empire, including Friedland, Wagram and Borodino. Through accounts that put a greater emphasis on military exercises, daily life in the army, and the training of conscripts than on heroic charges, these letters place the reader at the very heart of the Grande Armée. During the Cent-Jours, de Roussy turned his back on Napoleon and rallied to Louis XVIII's call. Stationed with the royalists forces in the Midi, he was involved in the unrest that broke out in the Gard département during the summer of 1815. Post-Napoleon until 1830, he served at his sovereign's side as a member of the Royal Guard. During the July Revolution, he accompanied Charles X as the latter fled to Cherbourg: his account of this journey remains poignantly honest.
These letters offer a veritable snapshot of imperial society, one in which the nobility of the Ancien Régime found itself caught between rallying to the cause and playing the waiting game.
The publication features an introductory preface from Emmanuel de Waresquiel, author of numerous books on Napoleonic history, including Les Cent-Jours ou la tentation de l'impossible.

An expert in the military and social history of the First Empire, François Houdecek works at the Fondation Napoléon as project manager for the publication of the General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Chantal de Loth, a descendent of Eugène de Roussy, is fascinated by the study of private and family archives.
– Preface
– Introduction
– Preliminary note
– Aux gendarmes d'ordonnance
– Au 28e régiment de dragons
– De Paris à Cherbourg
Été 1830
– Annexes
– Sources and bibliography
– Acknowledgements
– Index

Year of publication :
Place and publisher :
Paris: Nouveau Monde Editions/Fondation Napoléon
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