(ed.), Nelson – The New Letters

Author(s) : WHITE Colin
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(ed.), Nelson – The New Letters

Nelson was a prolific letter-writer, sometimes writing an average of 10 letters every day. Until recently it was believed that most of those letters had been published. However, during his five-year Nelson Letter Project, Colin White uncovered around 1,200 new or unpublished letters. This book presents over five hundred of these, dating from 1777-1805, which together form a narrative of Nelson's life and career in his own vivid words. Of the letters published, both private and official, all are fully annotated. This volume gives new insight into Nelson's handling of intelligence information, his network of professional contacts, his relationship with Emma Hamilton, his concern with his public image, and accounts of battles and diplomatic negotiations.
Of particular interest to the Nelson and Napoleon enthusiast alike are: Nelson's detailed orders for the Trafalgar and Nile campaigns, the Battle of Copenhagen and the 1801 anti-invasion campaign. Newly-discovered private correspondence includes letters to the Duke of Clarence (later King William IV), the King and Queen of Naples, Prime Minister Addington, Nelson's brother the Reverend William Nelson, and, perhaps of most interest, his letters to Emma Hamilton, which are often passionate and touchingly romantic.
Volume to come out on 14 April.
Colin White is one of Britain's leading Nelson scholars and author notably of The Nelson Encylopedia.

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London: The Boydell Press
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