Emir Abd el-Kader: hero and Saint of Islam

Author(s) : BOUYERDENE Ahmed
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Abd el-Kader: Hero and Saint of Islam is a biography of the great Algerian hero and mystic Emir Abd el-Kader (c. 1807/8-1883). Such was the Emir's popularity that, in 1846, the town of Elkader, Iowa was named in his honor.
Beginning with the childhood and youth of the Emir, the reader is carried along the course of his tumultuous life, from his idyllic early years in the desert, to his first battles against the colonizing French Africa Army, ending at last with his exile in Syria. In Damascus we see the hero-saint revealed once again during his rescue of some 15,000 Christians, an act that brought acclaim from such men as Abraham Lincoln and Pope Pius IX.
Throughout the biography, which contains 10  illustrations, the author examines the Emir's deepest nature: the saint and mystic whose greatness of soul and deep inner life is the true subject of this biography, and the source of the great piety, forbearance, and chivalry for which he was so justly famous and revered during his time.

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