Histoire militaire de la France. Volume 1: des Mérovingiens au Second Empire

Author(s) : DRÉVILLON Hervé (dir.), WIEVIORKA, Olivier (dir.)
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Histoire militaire de la France. Des Mérovingiens au Second Empire © Perrin, 2018

(In French)

Our appraisal of this book:

This is a monument that will very quickly become the reference book on the military history of France. It is to be in two volumes, but the first, which has just been published, deals with subjects that are dear to us. Under the editorial direction of Hervé Drévillon and Olivier Wieviorka, it plunges us into the (long) period from the Merovingians to the Second Empire with about a hundred pages on the Revolution (by Hervé Drévillon himself), about 130 pages on the First Empire (by Bernard Gainot) and another hundred pages on the period 1815-1870 (by Annie Crépin). This is a major synthesis of the subject taking into account the most recent research and current trends in military history to keep at home, after having first enjoyed reading it. (Thierry Lentz)

Volume 2: convering the period from 1870 to the present day, will be published on 27 September 2018.

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Paris, Perrin
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