Joséphine Impératrice (Bara no Joséphine)

Author(s) : IGARASHI Yumiko
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Joséphine Impératrice (Bara no Joséphine)
©Joséphine Impératrice (Bara no Joséphine), Pika Editions, 2013

Bara no Joséphine is French history seen through the eyes of a famous Japanese shôjo-manga writer. And Candy Candy fans will enjoy the resemblance between the Josephine character and Candy herself – even down to the blonde hair! All the shôjo-manga codes are there: from the pointy chins (suitable for girls and implying goodness) to the rendition of extreme emotions. The (heavily romanticised) story (two volumes published so far) focuses on the rather courtly relationship between Josephine and her servant, Agathon, who travels from Martinique to France with her and attempts to protect her not only from her unfaithful and cruel husband, Alexandre de Beauharnais, but also from his family! The French Revolution is seen mainly through Agathon's eyes, who gives us a glimpse of the common people, whilst Joséphine's world exclusively revolves around aristocratic worldly milieus. Agathon also meets Saint-Just, and other famous historical characters are portrayed in the story. (Spoiler!) Bonaparte only appears at the very end of the second volume: Napoleon fans will have to wait for volumes 3 and 4 to discover his part in Josephine's story.
Half-historical, half-entertainment, this manga will be the perfect Christmas present for a young girl.

L. L.
November 2013
This manga is published in French.

Year of publication :
Place and publisher :
Paris: Pika Editions
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