La Mort de Napoléon: Mythes, Légendes et Mystères (in French)

Author(s) : LENTZ Thierry, MACÉ Jacques
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La Mort de Napoléon: Mythes, Légendes et Mystères (in French)
© Perrin 2009

From the publishers:
For several years, mystery has lingered over the circumstances surrounding the death and burial of Napoleon. For some, the Emperor was poisoned with arsenic by one of his entourage. For others, it is not his body that lies buried in Les Invalides, but that of his maître d'hôtel, deceased a couple of years prior to Napoleon.
These two contradictory theories have succeeded in sowing the seeds of doubt, and in uniting in the pursuit of a common goal: opening Napoleon's tomb at Les Invalides and examining the remains housed within. Is this claim founded on any undeniable proof? What do we really know about Napoleon's cause of death? What happened during the transport of the body between St. Helena and Paris in 1840? Does a conspiracy of silence really exist, maintaining the convenient and accepted historical truths? Such are just some of the questions that this work answers.
Thierry Lentz is the Director of the Fondation Napoléon and has published numerous works on the history of the Consulate and the Empire. He is also Secrétaire Général for the Committee for the publication of the general correspondence of Napoleon (six volumes thus far published). He was awarded the 1997 Fondation Napoléon history prize for a work on the First Empire.
Jacques Macé is a specialist in the history of Napoleon and St. Helena, whose works include the Dictionnaire historique de Sainte-Hélène (2004) and biographies of the Generals de Montholon (2000) and Gourgaud (2006).
Click here for an interview with Thierry Lentz on the subject of the “mysteries” of St. Helena.

You can also download an extract of the book from the Editions Perrin website (external link in French).

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