Le Grand Consulat 1799-1804 (in French)

Author(s) : LENTZ Thierry
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Winner of the Grand Prix de la Fondation Napoléon history prize for his book Le 18 brumaire, les coups d'Etat de Napoléon Bonaparte, Thierry Lentz returns with this substantial study of the Consulate, a fascinating period in French history which reached a climax in 1802 with the European peace, the creation of the Légion d'honneur, the signature of the Concordat, the return of the émigrés, and the life consulship.
Thierry Lentz continues his study of the Napoleonic period with his Nouvelle Histoire du Premier Empire, divided into four volumes.
I Napoléon et la conquête de l'Europe (1804-1810)
II L'Effondrement du système napoléonien (1810-1815)

III La France et l'Europe de Napoléon (1804-1814)
IV Les Cent-Jours (1815)
Thierry Lentz was awarded the 1997 Fondation Napoléon history prize for a work on the First Empire.

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