Les Cent-jours ou la tentation de l’impossible

Author(s) : DE WARESQUIEL Emmanuel
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From the publishers:
“These last fifteen minutes are like nothing else in history,” wrote Victor Hugo. It is true that in little more than three months, there was a shake-up of regimes and dynasties the likes of which had not been seen before. Napoleon landed at Golfe-Juan on 1 March 1815 and was in Paris by the 20th. In between, the Bourbon regime collapsed like a house of cards. The night of 19/20 March, Louis XVIII fled Paris and sought refuge in Belgium, accompanied by his court, his ‘maison militaire' and his ministers. Three months later, on 22 June, Napoleon, who had been defeated at Waterloo on 18 June, abdicated. The same day, a provisional government was declared under the direction of Fouché. On 3 July, Paris fell to the armies of the coalition. Five days later, Louis XVIII returned to the capital for the second time in his reign.
About the author:
Born in 1957, Emmanuel de Waresquiel is an historian specialising in the history of 19th century ideas. As well as series editor at Larousse, he is also a doctor in history and a researcher at the École pratique des hautes etudes.
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