Napoleon: How to Make War

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New Napoleonic Publications – Napoleon: How to Make WarA comprehensive collection of the military maxims of Napoleon translated into English by Keith Sanborn, How to Make War is based on the French edition compiled by Yann Cloarec published by Éditions Champ Libre in 1973 as Comment faire la guerre. The edition also includes a critical essay by the translator on the Napoleonic legacy by entitled“Postcards from the Berezina”.

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Ediciones La Calavera. Publication Data: ISBN 0-9642284-2-4Available in trade paperback for USD 12.95Official release date: 15 February, 1999
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166 pages
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To order: Small Press DistributionBerkeley, CATel.: +1 800.869.7553 Fax: +1 510.524.0852 E-mail:
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