Наполеон в 1812 году: хроника [Napoleon in 1812: A Chronicle]

Author(s) : ZEMTSOV Vladimir
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Book in Russian

The Fondation Napoléon has been working for five years with professors Vladimir Zemtsov and Victor Chudinov through the History Forum in Yekaterinburg. And both men have recently agreed to serve on the editorial board of the Fondation Napoléon’s forthcoming English-language online journal, Napoléonica® the journal.
This book by Vladimir Zemtsov is published after 20 years of research by an author and historian specialising in military history, particularly the Battle of Moscova/Borodino and its respective belligerents. His research has been characterised by special attention to social, cultural, psychological and anthropological aspects of the conflict, as these had direct consequences on the “man at war”.
The specific format of this book here, that of a day-by-day chronicle, is an attempt to produce an event-based narrative. Using in particular the twelfth volume of our own General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte, Zemtsov’s intention is to move away from the “grand history” approach, reducing his account to what actually happened. This is the result of research in numerous Russian libraries and archives, not to mention archival and library collections in France and Britain. (Peter Hicks)

Наполеон в 1812 году: хроника [Napoleon in 1812: A Chronicle]
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From the publishers:

The book is a chronicle of Napoleon’s life and actions in 1812. It is based on a wide range of sources, including some presented for the first time, and through it the author tries to trace the logic of the French emperor’s decisions from the eve of the outbreak of hostilities against Russia, throughout the campaign itself, and after the end of the campaign. The research is grounded in the framework of military anthropology. This work is intended for specialists and all those interested in history of Russia and her international relations.

Vladimir Nikolayevich Zemtsov, Doctor of History, Professor and Head of the Department of General History and Methodology of Teaching Historical Disciplines at the Urals State Pedagogical University, is also a chief researcher at the Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky Saratov State University. He is also a professor at the Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin Ural Federal University. He is also a pioneer of military historical reenactment.

Table of contents

Chapter I – War with Russia: final preparations (January 1 – May 8, 1812)
Chapter II – Appointment in Dresden (May 9-28, 1812)
Chapter III – “Singing victory sweeps away the barriers” (May 29 – June 23, 1812)
Chapter IV – Vilna: the first defeat (June 24 – July 16, 1812)
Chapter V – Vitebsk
Chapter VI – Smolensk (August 13-24, 1812)
Chapter VII – Battle of Moscova (August 25 – September 8, 1812)
Chapter VIII – Moscow (September 8 – October 18, 1812)
Chapter IX – The great retreat (October 19 – December 4, 1812)
Chapter X – Return to Paris. End of the fatal year (December 5-31, 1812)

V. Zemtsov’s previous publication: Наполеон в России: социокультурная история войны и оккупации [Napoleon in Russia: A Sociocultural History of War and Occupation](Rosspen, 2018)

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Moscow, Политическая энциклопедия/Rosspen
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639 p.
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