Napoleon in America: Essays in Biography anc Popular Culture

Author(s) : VANCE Tom
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Tom Vance has created a most remarkable book. It is a collection of seven papers which he gave at various times, and a catalogue of Napoleonic art works in American institutions (chapter 8). Of particular interest are his bibliographical studies. He gives us details (biographical and historical) concerning Napoleonic histories published in the USA but little read these days, notably Headley, Abbot, Ropes, Sloane, Tarbell, but also Dodge and especially Emil Ludwig (who gets the whole of chapter 5 to himself). For this alone Vance should be congratulated. His catalogue of the art works is similarly useful, and the discussion of publishers (chapter 4) is interesting. We are delighted here at to recommend this book as our “Book of Month”, March 2013.

– Napoleon USA
– The Faint Echo
– Crafting the life
– The Publishers
– American Best-seller
– Teaching Napoleon
– Chronology
– The Art of Napoleon

Tom Vance is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve who has worked in public affairs and marketing communications.

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Tom Vance
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