Napoléon, l’esclavage et les colonies

Author(s) : BRANDA Pierre, LENTZ Thierry, LHEUREUX-PRÉVOT Chantal
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In France, 2006 is the first year in which a day has been set aside (10 May) as a slavery memorial day. And this is the day on which historians Pierre Branda and Thierry Lentz have decided to publish their detailed study of Napoleon's colonial policy, and specifically the First Consul's decision to reinstate slavery in 1802.
Basing their research on a wide range of sources, the authors adopt a methodical approach to the question. This is a blunt picture of early-19th century opinion, giving also due coverage to the economic and political issues. The result is a solid objective portrayal of a difficult and brutal subject.
Thierry Lentz was awarded the 1997 Fondation Napoléon history prize for a work on the First Empire. Pierre Branda was awarded the Fondation Napoléon History Prize Grand Prix for 2007.

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For further information:
– Bibliography: France's colonial policy, 1789 – 1815 (Documents published between 1799 and 1815)

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