Napoleon on St Helena

Author(s) : BROOKES Mabel
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From the publishers:
Napoleon surrendered to the British in July 1815, and wished to be allowed free passage to America. This was denied, and he was incarcerated on the rocky island of St Helena. Here the fallen Emperor was humiliated by an over-bearing Governor, until released by death from stomach cancer in 1821. This human study is a sympathetic account of his imprisonment.
Mabel Balcombe Brookes (1890-1975) was the great-granddaughter of William Balcombe, Napoleon's host at Briars. In 1957 she visited St Helena, bought the Briars site, and later in a ceremony in Paris, she donated it to the French nation. Along with Longwood and the site of Napoleon's tomb, the Briars is now a mini-dominion of France on St Helena. Mabel Brookes wrote this book in 1960 and it was first published as St Helena Story.

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