Napoleon: Revolution to Empire

Author(s) : GOTT Ted (ed.), HUGUENAUD Karine (ed.)
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Napoleon: Revolution to Empire
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From the publishers:
This panoramic volume tells the story of French art, culture and life from the 1770s to the 1820s: the first French voyages of discovery to Australia, the stormy period of social change with the outbreak of the French Revolution, and the rise to power of the young Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine. Together the couple defined taste for a new century, and in the age of exploration developed a particular fascination for Australia.
As well as telling the remarkable story of France's close involvement with Australia in the early 1800s, Napoleon: Revolution to Empire showcases hundreds of works of breathtaking opulence and luxury.
This catalogue accompanies the Napoleon: Revolution to Empire exhibition, organised by the National Gallery of Victoria and the Fondation Napoléon.

Table of Contents:
– Introduction, by Ted Gott and Karine Huguenaud
– Napoleon: towards a political portrait, by Thierry Lentz
– Empress Josephine and the natural sciences, by Bernard Chevallier
– The Musée Napoléon, by Gerard Vaughan
– Propaganda and the role of artists from Revolution to Empire, by Sophie Matthiesson
– Early French explorers and Australia
– The ancien régime
– The French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, 1789-94
– The Directory, 1795-99
– Napoleon and Egypt, 1798-99
– Josephine Bonaparte and Malmaison
– The Consulate, 1799-1804
– The Battle of Marengo, 1800
– Napoleon and Australia: the Baudin expedition
– Napoleon as Emperor: the coronation, 1804
– Australia at Malmaison
– Napoleon and the Musée Napoléon
– The Imperial family
– Luxury
– The Empire, 1804-15
– The art of war
– Empress Marie-Louise
– Napoleon's exile on St Helena, 1815-21
– Notes
– Selected bibliography
– List of works not illustrated

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