Napoleon. Trikolore und Kaiseradler über Rhein und Weser, catalogue of the exhibition in Wesel

Author(s) : VELTZKE Veit
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From the publishers:
For many contemporaries, Napoleon was the catalyst for social and political change: he brought with him the French Revolution into French occupied states, in particular the Code Napoléon. The Left bank of the Rhine became a French state in 1801. And the French satellite states on the right bank integrated the Napoleonic novelties in their state systems, a modernisation which was particularly noteworthy in terms of the political and social changes. The aim of this exhibition catalogue is to recount the biography of Napoleon and his visits to the lower Rhine and Westphalia via the official iconography and propaganda of the period. The volume includes more than 500 colour illustrations and maps. Includes 30 essays in German.

About the author:
Veit Veltzke is a historian and director of the Preußen Museums NRW in Wesel.
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Year of publication :
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Cologne, Weimar, Vienna: Böhlau
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