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Author(s) : GALLAHER John G.
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This definitive biography – the only available study of the Iron Marshal in English – charts Davout’s career from his enlistment as a Volunteer in the Republican army to his appointment as Minister of War in 1815. A veteran of campaigns in Germany and along the Rhine under the flags of the Republic, Davout first came to Napoleon’s attention in Egypt and he was created a marshal in 1804. He quickly won a reputation as a fierce disciplinarian, an energetic and resolute leader, a capable subordinate and a successful and trusted independent commander – as demonstrated at Auerstadt, Eckmuhl and Hamburg. This work was first published by Southern Illinois University Press in 1976 and has here reissued as the thirty-fifth volume in the Napoleonic Library.The Iron Marshal: A Biography of Louis N. Davout

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Greenhill Books - ISBN: 1-85367-396-X / (Price: £19.95)
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Hardback | 432pp.
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