Napoleon’s Army 1790 – 1815

Author(s) : ROUSSELOT Lucien
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From the publishers:
Lucien Rousselot is one of the world's most important military artists, having played an integral role in establishing uniformology as a true science. He was born in France at a time when the 1871 military defeat by Prussia was still very present in the psyche of the French people.
It is no surprise, therefore, that the talented young Rousselot decided to devote much of his life to recreating the martial splendor of France's greatest age. The Napoleonic period offered innumerable opportunities for his skills, as uniforms varied widely in style and color, as befitted an age when individual glory still counted for much on Europe's battlefields. Rousselot received his artistic training at the renowned School of Decorative Arts in Paris while at the same time immersing himself in the study of the classic military illustrators. His talent was equalled only by his modesty and commitment to his work. This level of dedication ultimately resulted in the marvellous watercolours and exacting narrative presented in this publication.

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