Por Napoleon en España. Los soldados polacos en los Sitios de Zaragoza (1808-1809)

Author(s) : GONZALEZ CAIZAN Cristina
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Por Napoleon en España. Los soldados polacos en los Sitios de Zaragoza (1808-1809)

Book in Spanish

English translation of publishers’ description:

Polish participation in the sieges of Saragossa was forgotten until relatively recently. And despite the upsurge in interest, a full study has never been devoted to the subject. The aim of this book is to show the full extent of involvement of the Polish men of the Vistula Legion and the Vistula lancers in the different sieges of the capital of the Ebro.

In this book for the first time, Spanish, French, Portuguese, English and Polish sources have been brought together in an attempt to understand the events, the latter sources being unknown to the historiography. […]

The Poles brought to the Iberian Peninsula by Napoleon I, not only the legionaries and lancers, but also a regiment of chevau-légers and three infantry regiments from the Duchy of Warsaw, in total about 20,000 men, fought on the Iberian theatre from 1808 until they were ordered to leave in 1812, when most of them were withdrawn by Napoleon with the aim of sending them to the Russian front. Others left Spain the following year.

About the author:

Cristina González Caizán has been professor of history in the Liberal Arts faculty of the Warsaw University (Poland) since 2005. She is the author of the following books: La red politica del marques de la Ensenada (Novelda, Alicante, 2004) and El anonimo polaco. Zaragoza en el año 1809. Framento de las memorais todavia no publicadas. Estudio, traduccion y edicion (Zaragoza, 2012), as well as many academic articles.

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Navarra , España
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