Portugal to Waterloo with Wellington: The Journal of a British Commisariat Officer During the Peninisular War and the Campaign of 1812

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Readers may be of the initial opinion that the view of an officer of the Commissariat Department would be necessarily less dynamic tyhan that of a regimental officer. In fact, Daniel's position as a non-combatant has proved to be the exact opposite and of particular value to those interested in his subject matter by his comparative detachment from the narrow and confused view of the actual battle line. Daniel was able to overview the great events of which he was a participant and leave us essential reports that few were in a position to witness. Daniel was often close enough to the action as to have comrades killed next to him, so this is far from a view ‘from behind the lines'. We follow Daniel on campaign with the ‘Great Duke' throughout the Peninsula, over the Pyrenees and into Southern france. When the time comes to bring the Emperor to account at Waterloo, Daniel once again joined Wellington's Army in the field and he has provided another vital insight into the campaign of 1815 to enhance our knowledge of these pivotal events.

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