The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1801-1814. Vol 1: High Command, Line and Light Infantry

Author(s) : WILSON David A
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This is the first of 3 volumes about The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1801-1814.

Volume 2

Volume 3 will be published in autumn 2021

The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1801-1814. Vol 1: High Command, Line and Light Infantry

Publisher’s presentation

This book was written to provide an in-depth study of the Danish and Norwegian armies of the Napoleonic Wars. The goal was to provide a working document which is as accurate as possible, covering the uniforms of these armies, their weapons and their evolution as well as their colors and a look at their basic tactics. Although this is principally a uniform book, historical background is also provided to place the details in their context.

This first volume covers the uniforms of the High Command, Guard, and Line and Light Infantry, their arms, equipment, and colors.

The product of five years of research, this study grew out of the author’s desire to provide a reference for friends who were painting Danish wargames figures. It soon became apparent that very little was written on the subject in English and this led to extensive research and consultation with experts including Alan Perry of Perry Miniatures and Jørgen Koefoed Larsen. Every effort has been made to reconcile conflicting sources, rather than risk perpetuating myths and errors, and the result is a comprehensive and lavishly-illustrated reference work on this significant but often-overlooked Napoleonic army.


”In short, this book contains everything a wargamer wishing to raise a Napoleonic period Danish army requires! It has been researched in consultation with experts such as Jorgen Koefoed Larsen and Alan Perry..Highly recommended: if you plan to muster a Danish wargame army, buy this book!” Miniature Wargames

“The book is extremely well presented and beautifully illustrated with uniforms and Colours and is very comprehensive in its coverage of the units included. It is clearly written by an avid wargamer and the book will most likely appeal to fellow wargamers who are looking for the real detail necessary to produce a colourful and novel wargaming army to impress his colleagues. Highly recommended.” The Napoleon Series

“David Wilson has placed on the table his first volume in a planned extensive work on The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-1814. This is a remarkable and beneficial achievement.” Chakoten, Journal of Danish Historical Society

“….this excellent uniform guide offers the text details and visual guide for accurate representation of Danish troops on the tabletop” Histororical Miniatures Gaming Society

Book Review: The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1801-1814 by David Wilson. – Adventures In Historyland

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