The Diary of William Gavin, Ensign and Quartermaster of the 71st Highland Regiment, 1806-1815

Author(s) : GAVIN William, GLOVER Gareth (ed.)
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Ken Trotman Books

From the publishers:

William Gavin saw action at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope and the ill fated expedition to Buenos Aires in 1807. Arriving home, the regiment was promptly sent to Portugal, where it saw fighting at Rolica and Vimiero and the dreadful retreat to Corunna. Gavin then followed the regiment on the ill fated Walcheren Expedition. In 1811, Gavin was promoted to Ensign. He witnessed the Battle of Vitoria at dangerously close hand. The regiment was engaged at Sorauren, St. Pierre, the Nivelle, Orthes and Toulouse. Rushed to Belgium in 1815 the regiment played a significant part at the Battle of Waterloo and subsequent march on Paris.

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Huntingdon: Ken Trotman Books
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