The War that Changed the World

Author(s) : PRICE John-Allen
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From the publishers:
Between 1870 and 1871, the world changed forever.
The Franco-Prussian War is often a forgotten war, its significance lost amidst larger conflicts such as the Napoleonic Wars and World War I. But, whilst it lasted less than a year, its aftermath would shape the course of history for decades to come.
In this comprehensive account, John-Allen Price explores how this short but far-reaching war came to be, bringing the men who shaped history to life. Price examines the Franco-Prussian War and its world, from the seeds of the war in the Age of Napoleon to the Paris Commune, and the aftershocks that led to a century of slaughter, a war to end all wars, and an even greater war after that.
About the author:
John-Allen Price is an author and independent historian living in Lewiston, New York.

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