The Waterloo Archive Volume V

Author(s) : GLOVER Gareth (ed.)
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From the publishers:

Much of the material available to readers in the English language interested in the exploits of the troops of Hanover, Brunswick and Nassau is in the form of official reports. However, there are a number of memoirs and sets of letters, which have been published in Germany over the last two centuries. Until now, these had never been translated into English. This volume seeks to put this right and to bring to life the human story of these German troops and to reveal their views on the battle which many entered with mixed emotions. Highlights include an account of the confusion in the final 'great advance' at Waterloo; eyewitness recollections of the defense of La Haye Sainte; rare battle reports by the Duke of Wellington; and a fascinating series of letters explaining the whereabouts of a number of 'missing' Hanoverian regimental and staff surgeons and subsequent court martials.

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