Warriors of the Queen: Fighting Generals of the Victorian Age

Author(s) : WRIGHT William
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From the publishers:
“Forgotten are many of the generals who commanded the vast and boundless armies of Queen Victoria's British Empire. Some remain deeply embedded in our national consciousness such as Kitchener, Cardigan, Baden-Powell and Gordan of Khartoum, they were great generals and their names are rightly remembered. Warriors of the Queen brings to light the names and profiles of Victoria's battlefield leaders; the good, the bad and the ugly.
In Warriors of the Queen, William Wright lays bare life profiles of 170 Victorian army generals, the men who led and commanded the army who ruled the greatest empire the world has ever seen. True military genius defines many of these men but some of them were purely egotists, fools and despots. Forgotten generals include James ‘Buster' Brown who was famous for fighting a battle in nothing more than his nightshirt and Jack Bisset, who by his 23rd birthday had fought in three South African wars.”

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Spellmount Publishers Ltd, The History Press (UK)
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