Waterloo 1815: Captain Mercer’s Journal

Author(s) : FITCHETT W.H, MERCER Alexander Cavalié
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Originally published in 1900, this book features excerpts from Alexander Cavalié Mercer's account of the battle of Waterloo. As an artillery officer at the sharp end, this is his eye-witness account of the events that lead to Napoleon's final defeat in June 1815. This is the contemporary view of how the events were conveyed to the public of Great Britain. Featuring original engravings from the Illustrated London News and the Graphic, and many paintings from the era, this book was written during the height of the British Empire, and the triumphalist mood of the day is reflected in the tone of the text. This detailed military history provides an echo of the contemporary attitudes to this turbulent time which shaped the destiny of the British Empire. 

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Barnsley: Pen and Sword Books
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