Napoleon on St Helena

How much do you know about Napoleon’s last years in exile?

Take our quiz to find out! (If you run into trouble, check out our Napo Factfile!)

Napoleon Gardener St Helena


  1. When Napoleon left Paris on 25 June 1815, he headed for the port of:

  2. Napoleon was aiming for:

  3. The voyage on board Northumberland to St Helena took:

  4. All of Napoleon's entourage spoke English: True or False?

  5. On arriving on the island of St Helena, Napoleon's first home was:

  6. Napoleon spent his evenings: (several choices available)

  7. In his attempt to prevent Napoleon's escape from the island, the Governor Hudson Lowe marshalled:

  8. Napoleon's health began failing in:

  9. The autopsy stated that Napoleon died of:

  10. 'The Memorial of St Helena' is:

  11. Napoleon's mortal remains are buried on St Helena: True or False?