Christmas Selection 2016

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There’s a bumper crop of new publications this year, so there’s bound to be something for all tastes and budgets. Check out this year’s new section: Audiobooks!

For even more choice, have a look at our Summer Selection 2016 or last years selections:  Summer  2015, Christmas 2015.

Christmas Selection 2016

Illustrated books

EBELING Jorg (Author), LEBEN Ulrich (Author), HAMMOND Francis (Photographer), Empire Style: The Hôtel de Beauharnais in Paris (also available in French or German)

HEARD Kate, High Spirits: The Comic Art of Thomas Rowlandson

COVILLE Quinton (Ed), WILLIAMS Kate, Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity

GARRIC Jean-Philippe (Ed.), Charles Percier: Architecture and Design in an Age of Revolutions



DANCOISNE-MARTINEAU Michel, Napoleon and Saint Helena (Volume 1): 1800 – 15 October 1815

Napoleon I, Correspondance générale de Napoléon Bonaparte. Volume XIII: Le commencement de la fin: January – June 1813 (The latest volume of Napoleon’s Correspondence edited by the Fondation Napoléon, in French).


Academic Works

MOORES John Richard, Representations of France in English Satirical Prints 1740-1832

WORLEY Sharon, Love Letters and the Romantic Novel during the Napoleonic Wars

COX JENSEN Oskar, Napoleon and British Song, 1797-1822

KENNEDY Catriona, Narratives of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: Military and Civilian Experience in Britain and Ireland (War, Culture and Society, 1750-1850)

MCCORMACK Matthew, Embodying the Militia in Georgian England

MILLER Henry, Politics Personified: Portraiture, Caricature and Visual Culture in Britain, c.1830-80

DAS Aditya (Editor), DAS Amita, Defending British India against Napoleon: The Foreign Policy of Governor-General Lord Minto, 1807-13 



GRASSO Nino, L’imperatore che giocava con i re. Napoleone e gli scacchi tra storia, leggenda, falsi e misteri (in Italian)

KRAAK Menno-Jan, Mapping Time: Illustrated by Minard’s Map of Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812



BROERS Michael, Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny

LENTZ Thierry, Joseph Bonaparte (in French)

BRANDA Pierre, Joséphine : Le paradoxe du cygne (in French)


Lesser-known figures of the Napoleonic Era

CROSSLAND Alice Marie, Wellington’s Dearest Georgy.

DU PREEZ Michael, DRONFIELD Jeremy, Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

FONTANA Biancamaria, Germaine de Staël: A Political Portrait


Politics / World

NESTER William R, Titan: The Art of British Power in the Age of Revolution and Napoleon Hardcover

BROERS Michael, The Napoleonic Mediterranean: Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire

PLANERT, Ute (Ed.), Napoleon’s Empire: European Politics in Global Perspective

 CZUBATY Jaroslaw (author), PHILLIPS Ursula (translator), The Duchy of Warsaw, 1807-1815 A Napoleonic Outpost in Central Europe


The Revolution

ANDRESS Dave (Ed), The Oxford Handbook of the French Revolution

BLAUFARB Rafe, The Great Demarcation: The French Revolution and the Invention of Modern Property



ENGBERG-PEDERSEN Anders, Empire of Chance: The Napoleonic Wars and the Disorder of Things

Napoleon, COLSON, Bruno (Ed), ELLIOTT Gregory (translator), Napoleon on War 

BAKER-SMITH Veronica, Wellington’s Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo

CROWDY Terry, Napoleon’s Infantry Handbook

DEMPSEY Guy C., Napoleon s Mercenaries (Napoleonic Library)

ROBSON Martin, A History of the Royal Navy: Napoleonic Wars

LAW Susan, SUMMERFIELD Stephen, Sir John Moore and the universal soldier volume 1: the man, the commander and the Shorncliffe system of training.

GLOVER Gareth, Waterloo: The Defeat of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard: Henry Clinton, the 2nd Division and the End of a 200-year Old Controversy

 KELLER Ulrich, The ultimate spectacle, a visual history of the Crimean War

CUCCIA Phillip R., Napoleon in Italy: The Sieges of Mantua, 1796–1799 (Campaigns and Commanders Series) Hardcover

CAMIGNANI Juan Carlos, BOUE Gilles, Napoleon and Italy : A military history of Napoleonic Italy 1805-1815

ROSPOND Vincent W, Orphan Eagles: Polish Armies of the Napoleonic Wars (Paperback)

DAWSON Paul (Author), LOMBARDY Dana (Author), ROCCO Keith (Illustrator), Imperial Guard Cavalry (Napoleon’s Last Army), (Hardcover)

DAWSON Paul (Author), LOMBARDY Dana (Author), ROCCO Keith (Illustrator), Imperial Guard Infantry and Artillery (Napoleon’s Last Army) (Hardcover)



MAWSON Michael Hargreave (Editor), Eyewitness In the Crimea: The Crimean War Letters of Lieutenant Colonel George Frederick Dallas


Stocking fillers

FRANCK Charles (illustrator), GOLBIN Pamela (author), Paris: Les Boulevards [a facsimile of a 19th-century illustrated book with English texts]



LAFFERTY Linda, The Girl Who Fought Napoleon: A Novel of the Russian Empire (paperback)

DUROVA Nadezhda, FLEMING ZIRIN Mary (translator), The Cavalry Maiden: Journals of a Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars, Paperback

TAYLOR Joan Norlev, Napoleon’s Willow

 CHEE Alexander, The Queen of the Night



FALKNER Brian, Rampage at Waterloo (Battlesaurus #1)



BALDWIN Kathleen, A School for Unusual Girls



GANCE Abel, Napoleon (Kevin Brownlow’s 2000 restoration, digital version, BFI)


Audio books

TOLSTOY Leo, War and Peace

THACKERAY William Makepeace, Vanity Fair

BALZAC, Honoré de (1799 – 1850), Father Goriot

STENDAHL, The Red and the Black

CORNWELL Bernard (Author, Narrator), LOCKHART Dugald Bruce (Narrator), Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles (Audio Download – Unabridged)

LAFFERTY Linda (Author), GATI Kathleen (Narrator), The Girl Who Fought Napoleon: A Novel of the Russian Empire (Audio Download – Unabridged

DOYLE William (Author), WELLS Mike (Author), ADDIS Matthew (Narrator), ENGLISH Jennifer (Narrator), The French Revolution and Rule of Napoleon (1774-1815) A Level Series: Audio Tutorials for those studying and teaching the French Revolution and rise of Napoleon

PEZESHKZAD Iraj (Author), MARGOLIN Moti (Narrator), DAVIS Dick (narrator, afterword, translator), My Uncle Napoleon (a novel)– Unabridged

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