Summer Reading List 2017

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A selection of publications from the last year to put you in a Napoleonic mood this summer.
Have a look at last year’s Summer reading list or our most recent Christmas selection for more ideas.

Summer Reading List 2017
photograph by Lady Clementina Hawarden of her daughter Clementina in 1860 ©BNPS


DOYLE William, Napoleon Bonaparte: pocket GIANTS

NESTER William R., Titan: The Art of British Power in the Age of Revolution and Napoleon

EVANS Richard J., The Pursuit of Power: Europe, 1815-1914

 BROERS Michael, The Napoleonic Mediterranean: Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire 

BLAUFARB Rafe, The Great Demarcation: The French Revolution and the Invention of Modern Property 

DANCOISNE-MARTINEAU Michel, Napoleon and Saint Helena (Volume 1): 1800 – 15 October 1815

CAMIGNANI Juan Carlos, BOUE Gilles, Napoleon and Italy : A military history of Napoleonic Italy 1805-1815


Personalities of the Napoleonic eras

QUATREMERE DE QUINCY Antoine-Chrysostôme, Letters to Miranda and Canova on the Abduction of Antiquities from Rome and Athens

FONTANA Biancamaria, Germaine de Staël: A Political Portrait

ABEL Jonathan, Guibert: Father of Napoleon’s Grande Armée

HOWARD  Thomas Albert, The Pope and the Professor: Pius IX, Ignaz von Döllinger, and the Quandary of the Modern Age

SPIETH Darius A., Napoleon’s Sorcerers: The Sophisians

WILKIN Bernard, WILKIN Rene, Fighting For Napoleon: French Soldiers’ Letters 1799-1815

DEUTSCH Alexandra, A Woman of Two Worlds: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte

CROSSLAND Alice Marie, Wellington’s Dearest Georgy

COVILLE Quinton (Ed), WILLIAMS Kate, Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity

DU PREEZ Michael & DRONFIELD Jeremy,  Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

HELY Ann Ayre, A Crimean War Nurse from Ravenstone, Leicestershire

GARRIC Jean-Philippe (Ed.), Charles Percier: Architecture and Design in an Age of Revolutions



OROPALLO  Vito, La veglia di Francesco – Napoleone non fu sepolto a Sant’Elena (in Italian)



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