Summer Reading List 2018

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Looking for something Napoleonic to pop into your suitcase this summer?

Take your pick from the latest books below or check out last year’s list or indeed our 2017 Christmas bag – there’s bound to be something to suit your mood.

Summer Reading List 2018


BROERS Michael, Napoleon, Volume 2: The Spirit of the Age

Memoirs and letters from the First French Empire

DE LAS CASES Comte Emmanuel, HICKS Peter, HOUDECEK François, LENTZ Thierry, PRÉVOT Chantal, Le mémorial de Sainte-Hélène: Le manuscrit original retrouvé (The Memorial of St Helena: the original manuscript, in French)

Napoleon I, MAGUIRE R A (trans), Napoleon’s commentaries on the wars of Julius Caesar

NAPOLEON I, Correspondence of Napoleon: Volume XV: The Downfall(s), 1814-1821. Addenda 1788-1813 (in French)

WILKIN Bernard and Rene, Fighting the British: French Eyewitness Accounts from the Napoleonic Wars

VON HAPSBURG Archduke Charles, RADAKOVICH Daniel I. (trans), Principles of War

GLOVER Gareth (trans), With Wellington’s Hussars in the Peninsula and at Waterloo: The Journal of Lieutenant George Woodberry, 18th Hussars

BOLAND Darrin (trans), Recollections from the Ranks: Three Russian Soldiers’ Autobiographies from the Napoleonic Wars

WILKIN Bernard, WILKIN Rene, Fighting For Napoleon: French Soldiers’ Letters 1799-1815

GLOVER Gareth, A Scot’s Grey at Waterloo: The Remarkable Story of Sergeant William Clarke

Personalities of the First and Second Empire

DAVIDSON James D. G., Admiral Lord St. Vincent: Saint or Tyrant?

RUSSEL Quentin and Eugenia, Ali Pasha, Lion of Ioannina: the remarkable life of the Balkan Napoleon

GORDON Iain, Admiral of the Blue: The Life and Times of Admiral John Childs Purvis 1747 – 1825

BURNHAM Robert, MCGUIGAN Ron, Wellington’s Brigade Commanders: Peninsula and Waterloo

HOUNSLOW E. J., Nelson’s right hand Man: The life and times of Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Fremantle

Mahon William, Waterloo Messenger: The Life of Henry Percy, Peninsular soldier and French prisoner of war

SULLIVAN Anthony, Man of War: The fighting life of Admiral James Saumarez: from the American Revolution to the defeat of Napoleon

FONTANA Biancamaria, Germaine de Staël: A Political Portrait

DEUTSCH Alexandra, A Woman of Two Worlds: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte

FREER Wendy, Ann Ayre Hely, a Crimean War Nurse from Ravenstone, Leicestershire

ABEL Jonathan, Guibert: Father of Napoleon’s Grande Armée

BROWN Lally, The Countess, Napoleon and St Helena: in exile with the Emperor, 1815 to 1821

BEGLEY Adam, The Great Nadar: The Man Behind the Camera

BURNHAM Robert, MCGUIGAN Ron, Wellington’s Brigade Commanders: Peninsula and Waterloo


BARRY Quintin, Far Distant Ships: The Blockade of Brest, 1793-1815

DIVALL Carole, The British Army in Egypt 1801: An underrated army comes of age

MOLLO John, From Corunna to Waterloo with the Hussars, 1808-1815

PENGELLY Colin, HMS Bellerophon

BURTON Penny, Bull’s Troop – A History: The road to Waterloo

DAWSON Paul L., Waterloo: the Truth at Last

GLOVER Gareth, The Forgotten war against Napoleon: Conflict in the Mediterranean

The First French Empire

MINOLA Mauro, Napoleone in Piemonte (in Italian)


Napoleon: A Private View: Treasures from the Bruno Ledoux Collection

Art History

ÇAKMAK Gülru, Jean-Léon Gérôme and the Crisis of History Painting in the 1850s

General 19th Century

CANNADINE David, Victorious Century: The United Kingdom 1800-190


TURNER Harry, Courage, blood and luck: poems of Waterloo

Alternative History

TSOURAS Peter G, Napoleon Victorious!: An alternative history of the Battle of Waterloo

NORTH Jonathan (Ed), The Napoleon Options: alternate decisions of the Napoleonic Wars


SWANSTON Andrew, Waterloo: The bravest man

MILLER Andrew, Now We Shall Be Entirely Free

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