Christmas Selection 2018

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We have put together a shortlist of Napoleonic prezzies for young and old.

For even more choice, have a look at our  or previous years’ selections: Summer Reading List 2018, Christmas 2017Summer Reading list 2017Christmas 2016Summer Selection 2016, Christmas 2015, Summer  2015.

Christmas Selection 2018


BONAPARTE Napoleon, (Collection Correspondance), Volume XV: The Downfall(s), 1814-1821. Addenda 1788-1813 (in French)

Exhibition catalogue

LACAILLE Frédéric (Ed), MARGUERITE Marie-Lys (Ed), Napoléon: Images of the Napoleonic legend


Napoleon: A Private View: Treasures from the Bruno Ledoux Collection


CLAYTON Tim, This Dark Business: The Secret War Against Napoleon


MARCHAND Louis-Joseph, TULARD Jean (préf.), In Napoleon’s Shadow: The Memoirs of Louis-Joseph Marchand, Valet and Friend of the Emperor 1811–1821 (paperback)

LAS CASES Comte Emmanuel de, HICKS Peter, HOUDECEK François, LENTZ Thierry, PRÉVOT Chantal, Le mémorial de Sainte-Hélène: Le manuscrit original retrouvé (The Memorial of St Helena: the original manuscript, in French, Paperback edition now available)

SCOTT Walter, The Waterloo Letters: A Selection from Paul’s Letters to his Kinsfolk (Kindle)

PROBERT Rebecca, et al., Catherine Exley’s Diary: The Life and Times of an Army Wife in the Peninsular War


BROERS Michael, Napoleon, Volume 2: The Spirit of the Age

BELL David A., Napoleon: A Very Short Introduction  


 CLAUSEWITZ Carl von, MURRAY Nicolas (translator), PRINGLE Christopher (translator), Napoleon’s 1796 Italian Campaign, First English translation of the work by Carl von Clauswitz (1780-1831)

GILL John H., With Eagles to Glory: Napoleon and his German Allies in the 1809 Campaign

CROWDY Terry, Marengo

Children’s books

LEPERS (author) Stéphanie, ROSSELL (translator) Tony,  SCHOPPHOFF Bettina(illustrator), Napoleon: A short history of Towering Ambition


In this  review (external link) a selection of games based on Jena and Auerstedt.


DENNIS Peter (illustrator), RICHTER Florian (author), The Battle of Trafalgar 1805: Profile Models of Every Ship in Both Fleets

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