Christmas Selection 2020

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A sprinkling of this year’s offerings, to give a Napoleonic flavour to your Christmas stocking…

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Christmas Selection 2020
Illustration by Gerald Scarfe for Punch Magazine


GUENIFFEY Patrice, RENDALL Steven (translator), Napoleon and de Gaulle: Heroes and History

HAZAREESINGH Sudhir, Black Spartacus: The Epic Life of Toussaint Louverture

LENTZ Thierry, Napoléon. Dictionnaire historique [Napoleon: a historical dictionary] In French

HARDING-EDGAR John, Next To Wellington: General Sir George Murray. The Story of a Scottish Soldier and Statesman, Wellington’s Quartermaster General



ROBSON Martin, Britain, Portugal and South America in the Napoleonic Wars: Alliances and Diplomacy in Economic Maritime Conflict

FITZPATRICK Timothy,  The Long Shadow of Waterloo: Myths, Memories, and Debates



GILL, John H., The Battle of Znaim: Napoleon, The Habsburgs and the End of the War of 1809

DAWSON Paul, Napoleon’s Peninsular War: The French Experience of the War in Spain from Vimeiro to Corunna, 1808–1809

JAYCOCK George E, Wellington’s Command: A Reappraisal of His Generalship in the Peninsula and at Waterloo

COLLINS, Bruce, Wellington and the Siege of San Sebastian, 1813

SAUNDERS Tim, YUILL Rob, The Light Division in the Peninsular War, 1808–1811

BUTTERY David, Wellington Against Soult: The Second Invasion of Portugal 1809


Eyewitness accounts

FIELD Andrew W., The French at Waterloo: Eyewitness Accounts: 2nd and 6th Corps, Cavalry, Artillery, Foot Guard and Medical Services

FIELD Andrew W., The French at Waterloo: Eyewitness Accounts: Napoleon, Imperial Headquarters and 1st Corps


Coffee-table books

PAPPE Bernd, SCHMIEGLITZ-OTTEN Juliane, Miniatures from the Time of Napoleon in the Tansey Collection



GLOVER Gareth, The Duke of Wellington in 100 Objects


Guide Books

OTTE Maarten, The Franco-Prussian War, 1870–1871: Touring the Sedan Campaign

ESDAILE Charles J., Walking Waterloo: A guide

BUTTERY David, Napoleon’s Paris: A Guide to the Napoleonic Sites of the Consulate and First French Empire 1799-1815 



Historically-themed Hoodies

A Portrait of your animal as Napoleon in the style of David, Gros, Ingres

Napoleon-themed gifts on etsy

The Longwood House online shop




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