Christmas Selection 2019

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In need of ideas for Napoleonic literary treats for your end-of-year festivities?

Here’s a selection of this year’s editorial harvest and we can promise that our previous years’ crops are still not past their sell-by dates.. so check them out too!

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Christmas Selection 2019
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Personalities of the First or Second Empire

CHILOT Etienne, In the shadow of Eugénie: The last empress in exile Bilingual edition: French/English

SCARISBRICK Diana, Margaret de Flahaut (1788–1867): A Scotswoman at the French Court

DANCOISNE-MARTINEAU Michel, Sir Hudson Lowe: Victim of St Helena (Series “Napoleon and St Helena”, Volume 11) Bilingual edition: French/English

DE LA POER BERESFORD Marcus, Marshal William Carr Beresford: ‘The ablest man I have yet seen with the army’

Coffee-table books

GUEGAN Stephane, VIGUIER-DUTHEIL Florence, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres e la vita artistica al tempo di Napoleone. [Exhibition Catalogue, Italian].

BERGDOLL Barry, FONTAINE Pierre Francois Leonard, PERCIER Charles, The Complete Works of Percier and Fontaine

CHILOT Etienne, In the shadow of Eugénie: The last empress in exile [Bilingual edition: French/English]

Un soir chez la princesse Mathilde. Une Bonaparte et les arts [An evening with Princess Mathilde – A Bonaparte and the Arts] [exhibition catalogue, French]

Corsica impériale. Napoléon III et la Corse (1851-1870)[exhibition catalogue, French]

Napoléon: Chefs d’oeuvres des collections de la ville d’Ajaccio [Napoleon: masterpieces of the Ajaccio Museum]

TAMISIER-VÉTOIS Isabelle et al, Meubles à secrets, Secrets de meubles [Secret furniture, furniture secrets] [exhibition catalogue, French]


BOLAND Darrin (translator)BRONEVSKIY Vladimir Bogdanovich, Northern Tars in Southern Waters: The Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean, 1806-1810

Napoleon and Europe

DE GRAAF Beatrice, DE HAAN Ido, VICK Brian E., Securing Europe after Napoleon 1815 and the New European Security Culture

HAYNES Christine, Our Friends the Enemies: The Occupation of France after Napoleon


GOURGAUD Gaspard, MACE Jacques, Général Gourgaud – Journal intégral 1815-1818 [Gourgaud’s unabridged St-Helena Journal] French

LENTZ Thierry, Bonaparte n’est plus! [Bonaparte is no more!] French


BONDARTCHOUK Serguej, War and Peace (1966 film, new restoration (2019) with supplementary material)

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